WeedStream Entertainment Blog: WeedMZ

WeedStream Entertainment Blog: WeedMZ

One of the better messages that a pro-pot community can provide is how cool everyone is and that the residents weren’t wrong to vote it in. At the same time, people interested in the industry may appreciate opportunities to learn more in an informal setting.

Those are words I won’t soon forget. It was 2:30 am on Sunday morning at Bonnaroo 2014 and I was suffering self-inflicted wounds and sneaking into my tour bus bunk bed (coffin) for the night. The bus door swung open and the words rang out.

In the October issue of Uncut, Ryan Adams talks about how medical weed and edibles turned his health around and reignited his guitar playing.

In the November edition of Uncut (a British mag dedicated to music, books, and film) Willie Nelson says when it comes to smoking marijuana these days, he prefers the vaporizer. Uncut has a monthly feature titled, An Audience With..., where fellow artists and subscribers ask questions of the subject.

Colorado is quickly becoming the Napa Valley of marijuana. Still, the nation hasn't quite broken out in Journey's, "Open Arms" for weed...yet. Read on for celebrities who have endorsed the magical plant.

Agreed! My 1st Flying Lotus experience was..."mellow". Valium cut w/Trazadone while doing yoga "mellow". Who had energy to get rowdy?!? Couldn't of been a concert goer. Even Nas asked "Where y'all at?" after a brief weed hush hit the crowd.

Five years ago, if you would have told me that I would leave my comfy Colorado mountain home to live in the lone star state, I would of said, “Pssh, you’re high!” Well, I am now a resident of Texas and you’re still high.

We all know that the Ganja helps us in many ways. But did you know it has profound effects on helping you maintain a positive love life? Think about it.

I got an email at 10am yesterday that said, “Katie, what are you doing this afternoon? Chali 2na is going to GrassRoots later and we need someone to go represent WeedStream. Can you go hang out and get some pictures?” Uhm...YES, yes I can!

Some call him a genius. Others claim he's certifiably insane, a madman. He's actually a little of both.

It was once said Neil Young smoked marijuana like others smoked cigarettes. Then Young raised eyebrows when he gave up drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana in order to write his memoir, Waging Heavy Peace.